"To Our Awesome Music Teacher,...

Why we love Kindermusik…

My girls have been in music classes since they were 6 months old initially through our church. The classes were always “mommy and me” and they were a lot of fun. However, when we moved to Texas last July, I had trouble finding a music class. I happened upon Ms. Whitney’s Kindermusik class and decided to give it a try. The class that we enrolled in has a “mommy-free” time and a “mommy and me” time. It has been such a blessing to us. They constantly tell me about what they are learning and always leave with a new song in their head. They have learned so much about keeping a beat and recognizing tempo since they started last fall. Ms. Whitney is an outstanding teacher for this age group. There are not many people who can command the attention of preschoolers, but also know when to just roll with the mood of the day. In addition to their musical education, we have gained some of the greatest friendships. The girls look forward to seeing their friends every week and I look forward to my 30 minutes of “mommy” time to chat with other mothers in the same situation.

We love Kindermusik and are very thankful for it ."

"Savannah  and I love our Kindermusik class! She has developed rhythm, grown her love of music even more and whole-heartedly looks forward to her class and seeing her friends there each week. She has also become a full-time singer!! when once, not long ago, would only mouth the words of a song. And Ms. Whitney is an absolute joy, we love her!"

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" I love how engaged the kids are in Kindermusic. They're having a blast and you can almost see their brains growing."

"We love Kindermusik class because we have fun with other babies and moms while learning about rhythm, tones and different instruments. We also get access to materials to use at home, so dad can join in the fun too."

Parent Testimonials

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"Nora  and I love our Kindermusik class with Ms. Whitney! Nora has watched her brother in gymnastics and soccer and watched her sister do triathlons, swim meets and water polo. So this is finally Nora's time! She has always loved music and I love watching her learn the songs and movements!! It has also given us 'our' time, which I love"