Kindermusik: the Power Behind                            Kindermusik @ School

  Kindermusik International is the world’s leading provider of early music and movement                                                              programming, serving millions of families in private music studios in over 70 countries.                                                                    Kindermusik created Kindermusik @ School so that we could provide even more children with                                                                        the well-documented, amazing benefits of music education. Designed specifically for school and                                                                  early childcare environments, Kindermusik @ School serves children and families who may not                                                                    have the ability to participate in Studio-based programs, thereby helping us make an even bigger                                                            impact in early childhood education. And…Kindermusik @ School is research-proven! 

A music program unlike any other                                               

Different because its unique monthly learning program uses research proven methods shown to help children develop singing, reading, listening, and learning skills. Plus Kindermusik @ School backed by the world’s most trusted brand in music learning-Kindermusik!  Different because Kindermusik @ School provides class sets of a variety of instruments. Children become familiar with turn taking in certain planned activities, but also enjoy the joy of community music making as class sets allow each child in the class to play the same type of instrument at once! 

Music enrichment not music  entertainment                                      

  Kindermusik @ School is not just a weekly concert with a children’s musician. Each week a trained expert in music and child development provides an interactive learning experience for 1-6 year old children. After four lessons you’ll notice the difference when classroom behavior and listening skills improve-not just in your Kindermusik @School  class but all through the day!        


For Administrators                                                                                                                                   

  With Kindermusik @ School, administrators can feel confident that they’re investing in an evidence-based, research proven program that helps drive positive outcomes for all types of young learners, through the power of music education. The curriculum aligns with standards for high-quality early childhood programs.

 Research-Proven Results                                                     

  Powered by Kindermusik, the Kindermusik @ School curriculum is research-based and research-proven. Kindermusik is committed to strengthening the research foundation that has set our curriculum apart by staying abreast of research from other leading early childhood development experts and continually evaluating our program’s impact. In 2013, an independent research firm found that students who participated in Kindermusik @ School for as little as 30 minutes each week experienced 32% greater gains on the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS™).

Why Parents LOVE Kindermusik @ School:                                               
Kindermusik @ School home kit materials describe in detail every activity from class, as well as provide parents with unique insight and information on how a child learns. It’s like having a customized, magazine subscription to what’s happening every week at your center! The home kit is located online and includes, music downloads from class, digital stories, games, recipes, printable activities and more1 Kindermusik is the ONLY childhood enrichment program that provides each and every family with quality home materials. Home materials allow families to listen to the songs from class, read the same stories that are shared in each child’s music class, and also give parents ideas on ways to continue the learning and play at home. Home materials build a strong home-school connection and allow time for true bonding and increased value in the program.

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